Exterior Colors

Give your home a new identity with an appropriate and well-chosen exterior paint color scheme.

Paint color is the single most effective way to change the personality of your house and transform it to its best advantage. Your home's value will increase and it will improve the overall appearance of your neighborhood.

An exterior paint color consultation is designed to alleviate the anxiety and reduce the risk of selecting paint colors and determining paint color placement.

Whether you are a developer, builder, architect or homeowner, you will benefit from carefully selected exterior paint colors.

Exterior Consultation Includes:

  • Phone intake interview
  • Paint color selection(s) for body color, trim, accent colors
  • Two copies of color specifications (One for you, one for your painter)
  • Color placement directions

Exterior Consultation Rates:

  • $650 for One Scheme (includes colors for the house, trim, shutters, doors, garage doors, windows, porch floor and ceiling, etc...)
  • $850 for Two schemes (gives you a second, completely different color scheme option to consider)
  • $1200 for Three Schemes (gives you a third, completely different option from the other two)

Please email me to request a color consultation before sending payment. This will ensure you are signing up for the correct service.

Yes, I'd like an exterior consultation.

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Exterior Consultation: Here's what to expect:

  • You take photographs of your house and fill out the short Client Profile Form, which tells me about your home and your objectives.
  • You may further describe your color preferences by sending photos of homes that you like and paint color names/numbers that appeal to you.
  • Email your materials. I will send you a confirmation once I have received them. I will study your homes' particular architectural features and read through your objectives to determine the best color options for you, starting with the house body color. I will call or email to discuss any questions or concerns.
  • Personalized paint color scheme(s) will be sent to you via U.S. mail with accompanying paint color chips and color placement directions. Every color scheme meets your stated personal criteria.
  • Follow-up phone call/email. A follow up call or emails must take place within 4 weeks receipt of your package while it is fresh in my mind. After that time, any additional work on my part will be on a fee for service basis.