Interior Colors

Paint color is a powerful tool.
It is the least expensive way to give a room personality and to transform your environment.

People often long for more interesting paint color in their homes but lack the confidence to choose precisely the right hues. And fear of choosing the wrong paint colors may be enough to stop us from even trying.

The purpose of an interior paint color consultation is to alleviate your doubts and fears and to get your home painted to your complete satisfaction. Bonnie’s special talent is to help you access and express your own sense of style and bring to the forefront your love of color.

Interior Consultation Rates:

$175 per room (2 room minimum). Additional rooms $125 each.

On-Site Interior Process (Greater Boston area):

  1. Email to schedule appointment:
  2. On-site interview and house viewing
  3. Prepare color palettes during visit
  4. Select final colors from options provided during visit


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Onsite Consult: Here's what to expect

I arrive at your home and take a tour. During the tour, you describe your color preferences, needs, desires and concerns. I look over any sample paint colors or magazine pictures that you have collected, review your existing furnishings and discuss any changes that will be made in your furnishings and accessories. I learn about your family's lifestyle (casual, formal, etc.) and interests. This helps me to better understand your color preferences and goals.

After you have conveyed all of your needs, I settle in to plan the wall colors for each room. I may start with 4 or 5 ideas in a room, but during the consultation process, we will eliminate some of these so that only 1-3 colors remain for you to consider testing. Color options (names and numbers) are indicated on Palette Sheets for you to keep and work from.

Once colors have been selected for your consideration, we go through each room and view the options using paint chips. The color chips are held against each wall in the room, and alongside objects that are in the room. You evaluate the color within the context of the room and its contents. You get a better sense of how the color will look in the room. During this process, you will become clearer as to which colors, tints and shades you favor, and we will be able to eliminate others. Together, we narrow down and then nail down the precise paint colors you wish to test.

I make sure there is color unity, balance and flow between all of the rooms. After the consultation, you test your paint colors and make paint color choices.

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