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Newsletter: Summer 2019

summer beach

Here’s wishing everyone a great summer!

“Two-Courts” Paint Color Story

My clients wanted help selecting paint colors for a fabulous new home they are building in Concord, MA designed by Albert, Righter, Tittmann Architects in Boston. The clients refer to the house as “Two Courts.” As you approach from one side it looks like a Greek Revival, and from the front of the house it appears to be a colonial design. Off the main house are two wings, with a garden courtyard in the middle. One of the wings is reminiscent of craftsman style with lots of interesting exterior details.

The client sought to unify the house with all its unique and varied design elements. They wanted the structure to blend in to its natural setting and not stand out. The goal was a calm, pastoral homestead. As for paint color, they wanted it yellow. Yellow isn’t the first color that comes to mind when attempting to meet the clients objectives, however, this muted yellow fit the bill

We determined that if the garage were painted red, it could become a “barn,” and this would have the affect of reducing the heft of the yellow house. It worked beautifully. The “barn” also adds an element that harkens back to Concords rural past.

They still have a way to go with the landscaping, but everyone feels that the paint colors are stunning! Here are a few shots of this almost finished project.

Drawings © Albert, Righter, Tittmann Architects.

The Right Neutral Paint For Your Home

I was contacted by The Boston Globe to talk about how to pick the right whites and neutral paint colors for the home.

They wanted to understand how I work with clients to select hues for indoors and outdoors. They asked if there are any rules that I always stick to and why it is so hard to pick a white paint.

Enjoy the article!

Have You Noticed The Choice Of Paint Colors In New Construction?

Contractors seem to be painting the interiors of new homes in some shade of gray and/or pale blue. Seriously, everywhere I look I see pale gray, warm gray, cool gray and every other gray in between. That and very hushed, pale blue.

Interestingly, gray painted interiors became a trend when I first started out in this business in the late 1980s. Gray was considered interesting and sophisticated compared to the more commonly used pink and beige, dark yellow and green. I understand it. Gray and pale blue are non-invasive, calming, neutral, easy to live with, and they work well with most décor. It’s safe and easy. No fuss and it certainly beats painting all the walls white, which was what most contractors did up until recently.

That said, many of us prefer to personalize our paint colors to better represent who we are. If that sounds like you, please get in touch. I’d love to help!

Need help choosing your colors this year?

Give us a holler, we're happy to help.

Best Wishes,


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