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Bonnie is often called upon for expert advice in magazine articles- here are some of our favorites.

Redfin Blog: Popular Paint Colors
Most Popular Paint Colors to “Swatch” Out for in 2022 | Redfin
The new year is the perfect time to give our homes a makeover. But if a full-scale renovation isn’t in the books, giving your space a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to instantly upgrade your home. Whether you’re looking for color inspiration to refresh a family room or putting the finishing touches on a kitchen revamp, knowing which colors to choose can be the hardest part. Luckily, the design world has spoken and the name of the game this year is relaxation. We’re talking warm, comforting shades, nature-inspired hues, and soft neutrals that create welcoming and soothing havens.

To help you pick the best interior hues for your home, Redfin reached out to Bonnie and other industry experts to share their popular paint color picks for 2022. Read on to see which hues and tones we’ll be seeing more of this year.

ColorShop July 2021
July 2021:
"3 must-try paint hacks from a color consultant for "this old house""

"Professional colorist Bonnie Krims knows a lot about color... Here she divulges three tips for tackling your next painting project."
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This Old House- September 2020
September 2020:
"Read this before you pick a paint color"

interviewed by Kathryn O'Shea-Evans.
"Whether you're looking for a soothing hue for your living space or want some drama in your dining room, don't pick up a paintbrush until you've read our expert advice."
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Chicago Tribune- October 2019
October 2019:
"Taking your house to the dark side: How to jump on the dark exteriors trend..."

Chicago Tribune, October 2019
interviewed by Cindy Dampier.
"Today, if you paint your house black, the neighbors might assume that you’re a rock star...they might wonder if they, too, should try a darker color."
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Bonnie has served as official Color Consultant on several This Old House TV projects, including:

This Old House: "Lexington Colonial"

This Old House Lexington Project is a modern Garrison Colonial. "With a house from 1966, almost anything goes, so paint color expert Bonnie Krims gives Kevin and homeowner Jody Kieval a range of options for the exterior colors." Watch online: Project 2015, Season 34, Episode 14.

This Old House Project: "Arlington Italianate House"

In the segment entitled "Italianate Inspiration" which aired 2/20/14- Watch us explore some historically informed options for the exterior of this Italianate style home. Watch online: Episode 3316.

This Old House Roxbury Project

Color consultant Bonnie Krims once again chooses the exterior paint colors for This Old House. To help celebrate its 30th anniversary season in 2009, This Old House TV returned to the community where the show got its start in 1979: Boston, Massachusetts. "My job was to select all of the exterior color elements starting with the roof shingle color. The house is an 1870's Second Empire Victorian and the mansard roof is its most distinctive feature, so that’s where we began." Read more.

Bonnie's Books

Perfect Palettes for Painting Rooms
by Bonnie Rosser Krims
(Rockport Publishers, 2003)

Country House & Gardens Book Club Selection

"Perfect Palettes for Painting Rooms" contains exquisite color palettes and practical decorating tips— the perfect tool for creating sparkling rooms that you will love living in.

Painting Your House Inside and Out
by Bonnie Rosser Krims and Judy Ostrow
(Thunder Bay Press, 2003)

Give your home a whole new look with paint! From tips on avoiding common and costly pitfalls to step-by-step plans for getting the results you want, this is every homeowner's key to exquisite color balance for the home.

The Perfectly Painted House: Foolproof Guide For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors
by Bonnie Rosser Krims
(Rockport Publishers, 2002)

Country House & Gardens Book Club Editor's Choice

The Perfectly Painted House provides everything you need to know to choose paint colors for your house.

The Perfect Palette: 50 Inspired Color Plans for Every Room In Your Home
by Bonnie Rosser Krims
(Warner Books, 1998)

The Perfect Palette takes the guesswork out of choosing paint colors for your rooms.

The Expert's Guide To Life At Home
Edited by Samantha Ettus
(Clarkson Potter, 2005)

This book includes 100 of the everyday things that most of us could do better, and asks leading authorities on each one to teach us how to do it the way it should be done.

Bradford Heald House, Concord, a This Old House project.

More Articles

"What's Your Paint Personality?"
This Old House Magazine, September 2018
interviewed by Kate Wood.
"Sunny yellows, soothing blues, revved-up reds... Every color has an innate character. Take our paint-color quiz to find shades that will suit your personality."
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"Paint Colors That Love Stained Wood"
This Old House Magazine, September 2017
interviewed by Deborah Baldwin
TOH received a query from a reader: In an older house with lots of beautiful unpainted trim, what are the best color choices for the walls? I’ve been in many homes that fit this scenario. Often clients are tempted to paint the trim, but with real trepidation. If the trim is gorgeous, let it be and think about a great wall color. Here is my input.
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"Pick A Color"
This Old House Magazine, June 2017, by Bonnie Krims
It's a big decision, but no need to panic. Architectural color consultant Bonnie Krims explains how a new roof can enhance your house's paint job and boost its overall appeal.
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The Bradford Heald House Project in Carlisle
"The folks at This Old House were determined to get the exterior colors just right on their latest project, The Bradford Heald house in Carlisle, MA. I was thrilled to be selected as the architectural color specialist on the project, especially because Carlisle is my home. This Old House purchased the 1850's Greek revival farmhouse as their latest project, and ever since the work began, the little town of Carlisle has "gone national," courtesy of PBS. My responsibility was to create the exterior color scheme for the house. I made my TV debut on the show in January of 2005 to explain and illustrate what I'd created. It was VERY EXCITING! The folks at the show were great to work with. They made the shoot a real pleasure. " Read more.

"How to Choose the Right White Paint" in This Old House Magazine, June 2015, Interview by Nicole Fornabaio
Overwhelmed with white paint options? Consider these three things. Read online.

"From All White to All Wow!" in This Old House Magazine, March 2015.
See 3 fresh paint palettes that enhance the lines of a 1910 Four-square home in Illinois.
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"11 Of Your Most Crazy-Making Paint-Color Questions Answered!" in This Old House Magazine, September 2014.
See my advice on choosing historic colors and several sample interior color schemes for any home.
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"Punching Up a Proud Farmhouse" in This Old House Magazine, September 2014.
An upstate New York couple own a little white Victorian that needed a paint pick-me-up. The wife loved red but the husband…not so much. The husband favored historic greens. See the three palettes they chose from and how they both got something they were excited about!
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"HGTV Remodel: The scoop on pink, orange, and purple!"
People are fascinated by the psychology of color. HGTV Remodel enlisted my help and that of several other color experts for some insight on what’s behind each color. Here is the low down on pink, orange, and purple. Explore colors on a deeper level: Read the full article online

Elle Decor: "Color Trends Here to Stay" by Jill Connors, July 4, 2008.
Bonnie has a great collection of no-fail palettes and paint colors that she's always updating. Although trends should not dictate appropriate color choices, they do play some role. In this online article Bonnie shares ideas about timeless trends with Elle Décor.
Read the full article online

Chicago Tribune Chicago Homes, "Beyond Blah: Fresh Exterior Colors" by Nara Schoenberg, September 9, 2011.
"Chosing a new exterior color scheme for your home's exterior can be daunting. You don't want paint colors that wear out their welcome in a week - or make the neighbors snicker... Consider these options offered by experts from New England to California."
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Journal Sentinel Online Home and Garden, "Blue is back for serenity", May 15, 2011.
"After navigating a protracted rocky patch on the financial front, are you beginning to crave a bit of excitement without sacrificing comfort and security?"
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The Boston Globe Magazine, "45 Projects Under $45 - Easy Ideas to Sruce Up Any Space", Sunday Oct. 24, 2010.
Bonnie contributes colorful tips to brighten up and add interest to rooms without committing to a big makeover. See which houseplants can be used to add a surprising splash of color naturally, and more. (Read the entire article on their website - See our reprint

Design New England, "Selections", May/June 2010.
"We're seeing red. And purple. Bright blue and aqua. Grassy green and lime. All the colors of a tropical bird's vivid plumage. We chose our favorite shades of feverishly bright paints, including some eco-friendly options..."
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Family Circle, "Color Your World", November 2009.
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